Stick & Puck

Stick & Puck sessions at Centene Community Ice Center are offered almost weekly year-round (depending on the ice schedule) and provide hockey players of all ages and skill levels a chance to get on the ice for open shootaround-style training. Additionally, we offer Youth Stick & Puck times for players age 8 and under only to enjoy time on the ice without the hustle of big kids/adults. Scroll down to see a current calendar of upcoming Stick & Puck sessions and FAQs.

Admission *taxes apply

  • $15 - Skater
  • $15 - Coach
  • Free - Goalie
  • $120 - 10x Punch Pass (available for purchase in-person only)



Stick & Puck FAQs

How do I register for a Stick & Puck online?

  1. Check above calendar and make sure your date is avaialble.
  2. Click link below to register online.
  3. Give your name to the front desk for check in upon arrival.
  4. Be sure and complete and sign a waiver (online or at the front desk).



What is Youth Stick & Puck?

Youth Stick & Puck is for younger hockey players, age 8 and under only, to enjoy shootaround time on the ice without the hustle of big kids/adults around them. They must be supervised by a legal guardian. No rink attendant will be present.

Do I have to pre-register?

Pre-registration is encouraged but not required for Stick & Puck sessions. The advantage to pre-registering is should a session become full, you will have priority over walk-up guests to get on the ice quicker.

What equipment is required?

All participants are required to have a helmet (those under 18 must have full-face cage/visor), gloves, elbow pads, shin pads, and full-length pants. 

Are coaches allowed on the ice with their player(s)?

Yes, coaches are welcome to join their player(s) during Stick & Puck sessions and private instruction is allowed. Coaches are required to wear helmets, gloves,and full-length pants.

Will there be a scrimmage during Stick & Puck?

No, scrimmages and full gameplay is not permitted during Stick & Puck sessions.

Can checking happen during Stick & Puck?

No, checking or unnecessary physical contact is strictly prohibited during Stick & Puck sessions. Participants viewed engaging in checking will be asked to leave.

Is there a waiver?

Yes, all guests must sign a waiver prior to stepping on the ice.

Why aren't there more Stick & Puck sessions?

We do our best to keep Stick & Puck sessions on the calender where available. During hockey season months, our ice availabiltiy becomes very limited and impacts how much we can schedule ice time for public sessions like Stick & Puck. Please be patient and keep an eye on the calendar for more Stick & Puck times.

What is the age limit for Youth Stick & Puck?

Youth Stick & Puck is for players age 8 and under only.

What is a Punch Pass?

A Punch Pass provides 10 admissions into a Stick & Puck session at a discounted cost. These are great for skaters who regularly attend Stick & Puck sessions! Punch Passes are only available for purchase in-person at the front desk of Centene Community Ice Center.

Stick & Puck Punch Pass - $120
*taxes apply, does not apply towards coaches admission
**redemption subject to space availability at time of arrival