How much does it cost to skate during a public session?

Admission for Public Skating is $7 or $5 for city of Maryland Heights residents.

How much does it cost to rent skates?

Skate rental is $4 or $3 for city of Maryland Heights residents.

What is the schedule for public skating? 

Monthly calendars are posted for public skating at Centene Community Ice Center. 

Please note session times may be canceled or changed!  Please check schedule prior to arrival and stay up-to-date on Twitter & Instagram (@stlcic) or Facebook (Centene Community Ice Center). 



What should I wear for public skating? 

We recommend dressing in warm, comfortable layered clothing that allows you to move around easily. Other appropriate attire that will make for a smooth day of skating includes a tall, thin pair of socks for the ice skates, long pants, gloves/mittens, and scarves. We also suggest hats and helmets for beginners!

Do I need to wear socks? 

You must wear socks to rent skates. One pair of tall, thin socks is recommended.

Do I need to wear a helmet? 

We recommend bringing a hockey or bicycle helmet for both children and adults.

I have weak ankles. Can I still skate? 

If you can walk, you can skate! The Centene Community Ice Center carries only quality skates with great ankle support. Our skilled and professional staff will assist with any questions to ensure you are supported with a skate that works best for you before hitting the ice.

Does Centene Community Ice Center serve food? 

Yes! The Centene Community Ice Center features Schnucks Grab and Go for quick service, on-site dining at our very own 314 Social Restaurant and Bar, as well as three concession stands. We offer a variety of snacks and full meals as well as hot and cold beverages including beer and wine.

Do you allow outside food or beverages? 

Outside food and drink is prohibited inside the Centene Community Ice Center.

If there are a lot of other people skating, will it still be fun or will it be too crowded?

Skating is the most fun when there are a lot of people on the ice as it allows for an energetic atmosphere! During the winter months, The“Barn”, our covered outdoor rink, will be open to provide you with the ultimate winter skating experience!

Can I join a session already in progress? 

No problem! As long as there's still room on the ice, you're welcome to join in for the remainder of the session!

Is entertainment provided during Friday PM and Sat/Sun family (and holiday) sessions? 

The whole family is guaranteed to have a blast when attending our sessions. Please click here for information about our theme skates and entertainment for public sessions.

At what age can my child start skating? 

Generally, children are able to skate once they are comfortable walking. We recommend a recreational skater to assist a beginner skater.

Can you provide me with information about Learn to Skate classes? 

Learn to Skate classes are offered through the City of Maryland Heights, Visit our Learn To Skate page for more information.

Does the facility offer private skating lessons?

The facility does not offer private skating lessons however, individuals may seek certified coaches on their own and attend Freestyle ice sessions with their coaches, however, both must pay for ice time.


Does Centene Community Ice Center offer Freestyle ice time to figure skaters?

Yes, this public program is available for figure skaters to practice their techniques and programs, with and without music. 


  • $12 skater fee
  • $5 coaches fee 

What times are available for Freestyle ice time?

Freestyle schedules are posted monthly on our Calendar of Events page.  Sessions are subject to change.  Please verify schedules prior to arrival.


Does Centene Community Ice Center offer group hockey lessons? 

Yes! The Centene Community Ice Center will offer clinics throughout the hockey season.  Please visit the hockey page on our site for further information. 


Hockey Information

What size rental skates do you carry?  

Sizes range from a child’s size 9 all the way up to adult size 14.  We recommend going a size down for those in half sizes.

Do you have sleds for children to ride? 

We do not allow sleds on the ice during public sessions with the exception of ADA skating sleds.

Can I bring my own food & drink to celebrate my child's birthday? 

Walk-in parties are not allowed. Skating is always welcomed, however, outside food and beverages may not be brought into the facility. Visit our birthday party page for information on Centene Community Ice Center’s hosted birthdays. Formal birthday parties must be booked through the Centene Community Ice Center. 

Is free WIFI available? 

WIFI is available throughout the facility - CCIC Guest. 

Can I bring my own skates to Centene Community Ice Center? 

Yes, feel free to bring your own skates to the rink!

Do you have 'skate aids'? 

Yes, we supply walkers for $4 each. 

What information is available about the Bauer Skills Center

Information about the Bauer Skills Center operated by Elite Hockey Facility can be found at https://www.elitehockeyfacility.com/

When is the Pure Hockey shop open and what will it offer? 

The pro shop will carry hockey equipment, Blues merchandise and will also offer skate sharpening.

Store Hours are: 
Monday-Friday 1pm-9pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

How can I find out about future Blues practice session dates? 

The Blues practice schedule is posted on our website. You can also follow us on Twitter & Instagram (@stlcic) or Facebook (Centene Community Ice Center). Blues practices may change or be postponed at anytime.



How often does Stick and Puck take place at the facility? 

We strive to offer as much Stick and Puck and Open hockey sessions as possible based on the usage of the facility.  Please visit our Calendar of Events for our monthly schedules.

What are the hours of operation for Centene Community Ice Center?

Our hours vary based on events inside the facility.  The info desk is open by 9am daily.

Does the facility sell Blues game tickets?

The Centene Community Ice Center does not sell Blues game tickets. Tickets for St. Louis Blues games can be purchased by clicking here.